Due to COVID19 all of our trainings have moved online.
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At Team Building On Purpose

we believe Effective Communication is the most important factor in any relationship, business and personal. TMBONP is rooted in effective communication training and our approach is what sets us apart. 90% of all problems in the workplace and at home are communication breakdowns. While most people spend all of their time trying to figure out the right words to say, communication is based on 55% body language, 38% vocal tone which means only 7% is the words you choose. With our staffs vast experience on live stage and in front of the camera, our “Role Play” technique on applying body language and vocal tone are unrivaled, making us the best choice for your communication based team building and training workshops.

While other types of team building events and trainings are impactful and applicable, setting up a rope course in your office on a Tuesday morning or gathering 50 people in the break room to play a game isn’t an easy task. However, when combining our “Why” with our “Yes And” teachings and quickly “Role Playing” through any scenario, our effective communication team building and training never ends. The best run companies are ones that work well together. Effective communication, effective leadership, and the ability to work closely together as a team are the principals that make a great company. At times, companies may see a decrease in one or all of these areas. When this happens it is time to reevaluate your team, change your tactics and bring in someone to help unify your entire team with the vision and mission of the company. At TMBONP we pride ourselves on getting your company back on the right track. We bring an energetic team to your company that will help with self-development, positive communication, leadership skills, and team work.

People practice all different types of sports, music, art and other activities, yet hardly anyone practices communication. Why? It’s something we do every day and to be an effective communicator we need to practice. Repetition and rehearsal is the mother of skill! In the weeks and months after our time together we are still with you. TMBONP’s follow up, extended Role Play coaching and tools are designed to get you out of your comfort zone and consistently moving forward towards your goals.

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