Due to COVID19 all of our trainings have moved online.
Now is the time to book reassimilation after covid 19 training.



  • Mediation (PLC Teams and more)
  • Social Emotional Learning Platforms
  • Love and Logic Educators Tool Box   
  • Recasting the Districts and or Schools Vision and Mission Statements/ Redefining Culture and Leadership
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Inclusion Platforms for Gifted & Talented and Special Education
  • Staff’s Co-Teaching Communication Efforts and Methods inside the Classroom
  • Oral Language Development
  • PLC Team Training: Marzano, DuFour
  • New Superintendent/Principal Transitions
  • New Policy Acceptation and Unification
  • Structure of Power and its importance to the entire team
  • Effective communication between Staff (tenured and new) administration and the inevitable trickledown effect to all students.
  • School Board Connection and Communication.
  • Taking responsibly for school success
  • Improve staff and student performance/ Plan for excellence
    • Create an environment where all students succeed.
  • K-12/ continuing education/ university……
  • Leading the teaching and learning.
  • Hiring, developing and retaining excellent teachers and support staff.
  • Becoming and Engaging Educator
  • Teaching for EQ and IQ
  • Pedagogical and Instructional toolbox workshops


  • Mediation (Inter-Office Disputes and more)
  • Transitions/New Hires/New Systems – How to accept and achieve effective communication from office to patients.
  • Mastering body Language and eye contact to connect and improve overall success rate.
  • Inner office communication / Bed Side Manner.
  • Risk Management Unification.
  • Brevity from Drs. to Staff.
  • Developing understaffed departments into cohesive teams.
  • Equipping staff to translate training in their continuing education programs.


  • Customized curriculum tailored to meet the needs and demands of your entire staff and the challenges they face in today’s business world.
  • Participants are able to experience hands on the applications to boost business performance, help with leadership transitions and take ownership of the responsibility of reaching common goals.
  • Defining team’s roles and values while learning to understand and adapt to the accelerated change in today’s business world.


  • Effective Communication consisting of 55% body language, 38% voice control/ inflection, 7% the words you say.
  • Leadership and communication in the workplace.
  • Motivation that lasts beyond tomorrow.


  • Connecting with your audience.
  • Scripting your ideas to meet your objective and getting your point across.
  • Creating a memorable outcome that leads to successful follow ups.


  • Bridging common ground to connect and build rapport with others.
  • Self-motivational tactics to help you achieve your objective, with strategic planning and problem solving for challenging situations and winning over difficult people.
  • Engaging communication, resulting in a strong presence and client buy in.
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