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Team Building On Purpose (International) Enhancing your professional, personal and family life!


Welcome to Team Building On Purpose  (International)

We bring our programming\ trainings  straight to you and offer deep discounts when utilizing two or more of our services.

Two minute video:    TMBONP 2 minute intro video

Choose from listed trainings, submit personalized objectives or bring us in for a consult.
Team Building on Purposes’ focus is helping our clients show their personal best through culture, growth, communication and follow through! Request a quote at: Request a quote from TMBONP

Meet the founders: 

Ms. Frank-Daniels passion is rooted in her commitment to empowering people of all ages! Her main focus is on bringing out people’s personal best by giving them the tools to become more comfortable in every area of their lives. Her background in theater and

cristaperformance brings a fresh approach to corporate team building, giving participants engaging hands on approach to changing and strengthening patterns that immediately spill over into the workplace and beyond. Ms. Frank-Daniels attended Yale school of Drama as well as extensive coaching with Uta Hagen for over two years and is the founder of KidScape Productions  and co-founder of CMD2design


Mr. Daniecmd-1ls’ passion is rooted in leadership and coaching. He brings a positive, fun, focused attitude that is motivational and goal/growth oriented. His background as an United States Marine, Firefighter, and a businessman has led him to believe that no matter what leadership and communication are key to a successful life, both business and personal. His approach is modern and motivating and one that anyone can apply in all aspects of their lives.  Founder of CMD2desgin and Co-founder of KidScape Productions




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