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Lack of emotional understanding will prevent growth. Unknown feelings result in weak responses, and the inability to secure a peaceful place within self and groups.

tmbonp-emotionalWhen done correctly, research-based applications of Improvisation, role play and acting help participants hone in on communication skills.

This type of communication strengthens not only public speaking, quick thinking and engagement with ideas but instills a sense of self-actualization that rolls over into all social interactions.  Properly developing and repeating this skills throughout one’s life will result in emotional understanding and regulation, strong intentions, responses and the ability to be flexible.

This being just the tip of the iceberg!

If you delve into the process and science of Improv you will discover that the necessary steps in order to succeed, are the building blocks for positive social and emotional discovery and emotional intelligence. These are developed through a state of play in safe environments with low-risk outcomes, allowing participants to discover and practice their communication and emotional strengths.

Enhancing your professional, personal and family life.          www.TeamBuildingOnPurpose.comtmbonp-fb-proflie


17 years and younger see: www.KidScapeProductions.com 


KidScape Productions offers before, during, and after school workshops, assemblies, out-of-school time camps, and private coaching.  Our high-energy, engaging curriculum is focused on developing important life skills through the creative outlet of professional acting, role play, improvisation, breath, and yoga.

Our mindful approach to communication skills, social awareness, and confidence in speaking successfully builds, balances, and enhances physical and mental flexibility; emotional understanding and regulation; identifying and using social cues; as well as memory, recall, optimism, empathy, self-acceptance, self-esteem.

In a nutshell, our focus is to help students become active participants in their life.

KidScape Productions provides students professional tools for life-long success in communication and relationships!


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