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Why Applied Improvisation in business, education, relationships and life!

Team Building on Purpose and KidScape Productions have been using Applied Improvisation (AI) in trainings since 1991.  While many think Applied Improvisation is about telling jokes and being funny, this is not true!  AI is about taking ideas and concepts from professional improvisation techniques and applying them to business, relationships, education and life!    Imagine

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Applied Improvisation increases engagement in teams!

Applied Improvisation (AI) increases engagement in teams! AI is an effective way to get people to connect actively with each other and engage more fully with material they need to learn. When implemented correctly, it develops agile leaders with the ability to deal with ambiguity and change.  Through the science of structured play, our workshops

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Helping teams create an optimistic culture.

Here at Team Building On Purpose, we are certain that optimism, gratitude, and happiness make all the difference for success within teams and clients.  Our focus on mindset, easy to use strategies and sustainability create an atmosphere that supports inspiration and communication! Remember this saying?  “People will forget what you said, people will forget what

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