Due to COVID19 all of our trainings have moved online.
Now is the time to book reassimilation after covid 19 training.

Applied Improvisation increases engagement in teams!


Applied Improvisation (AI) increases engagement in teams!

AI is an effective way to get people to connect actively with each other and engage more fully with material they need to learn. When implemented correctly, it develops agile leaders with the ability to deal with ambiguity and change.  Through the science of structured play, our workshops will guide participants through hands-on activities designed to meet requested objectives.

Team Building on Purpose (18 years and older, corporations, school culture enhancements and private coaching) and KidScape Productions  (17 and younger, assemblies, in-class field trips, after school, private coaching and out of school time camps) draw from contemporary understanding, psychology, and neuroscience. Our passion is rooted in offering teams pedagogical tools to enhance retention, self-regulation, passion and interpersonal skill sets.   International / Skype sessions available.




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